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An Invader ZIM Fan Comic
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It has come to my attention that there are some of the members on Nabyn who have left but look to see if there are any other sources to watch the comic on, or see updates on our goings-on. We have also decided that, since we get so little traffic here, we will cease uploading indefinitely. If you are still interested in the comic, you can find us at the following locations:

Scypod @ deviantART > scypod.deviantart.com
Scypod @ tumblr > scypod.tumblr.com
Scypod @ FurAffinity > furaffinity.com/user/Scypod
Duality @ Comic Fury > duality.cfw.me
Duality @ Facebook > facebook.com/pages/Duality/422415217835148

I (Irken-Trad) normally upkeep the deviantART and tumblr pages, while Ayla takes care of the Facebook page as well as a seperate tumblr blog called Zim-betweens (zimbetweens.tumblr.com). Thank you for your attention!

Date Joined February 24th, 2012
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WildwoodCreations   February 21, 2013 - 5:17PM
I love your artwork, and I must admit; reading this comic is starting to inspire me to revisit my Invader Zim fanfiction and redo it. XD

I love the evolution of the characters, and I am quite eager to see where the plot line goes. :)
Prof   March 31, 2012 - 12:13PM
I was about to type an comment about this comic, but then I noticed FelonyKat already said practically everything I wanted to.

So, keep up the good work. ^_^
FelonyKat   March 27, 2012 - 9:16AM   (1 Reply)
Normally I stay away from fanworks but this is an interesting spin off so far. Love Invader Zim, but this seems to have more of a story of its own so I look forward to reading more. ^_^